Fixing a bad bite to avoid tooth breakdown, discomfort and poor health.

A bad bite is easy to self-diagnose.

If you close your teeth together and they don't touch evenly on the left and right, or if it's not easy to close and find a 'home' position - your bite is more than likely off. If you think your bite is out, then it surely is.

It may have always been like this, or it developed over time - after all, we use our mouth, teeth and jaws every minute of the day. Wear and tear, sometimes made worse by grinding, clenching and bad habits like using our teeth as tools, causes our teeth and fillings and jaw joints to change and adapt. Our jaws are very good at managing this adaptation, until all of a sudden they aren't. This is when people can experience breakage, pain, headache and severe discomfort.

So wouldn’t it be wise to ensure we never get to this point? It makes sense to be proactive and conservative, to help our bodies when obvious signs of change are evident, so that we don’t run the risk of major damage and pain - all the while ensuring we improve our health and wellbeing. It also means your dental work will last a lot longer too.

This is why fixing a bad bite is the smart thing to do...

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Comprehensive solutions for optimum health and confidence

While my generalist training ensures I am skilled across a wide range of dental conditions, my core focus is Reconstructive and Aesthetic dentistry. Using minimally invasive techniques, I collaborate with my clients to ensure their mouth functions well, looks good and has a positive, enduring impact on their quality of life.

Dr David Cipriani, a Sydney based cosmetic and reconstructive dentist

A bad bite can impact everything from your looks to your sleep quality.

  • A bad bite can make you look older when a collapsed bite no longer supports your lower face, causing lines and wrinkles.

  • A misaligned bite can lead to jaw degeneration.

  • Your sleep quality could be compromised, where bite changes can negatively influence your airway space.

  • Eating can be uncomfortable and cause tooth damage.

  • A bad bite is essentially an inefficiency in your body. This can lead to premature and uneven wear and tear on your natural teeth but, also, any previous dental work.

You may have heard the term Malocclusion, but what is it?

The term “occlusion” refers to the way your teeth come together i.e. the way you 'bite'.

A malocclusion is any deviation from a normal or 'ideal' bite. Overbites, crossbites, underbites and open bites are all types of malocclusion.

Malocclusion can fall into one of three categories:

Class One:  there is a slight overlap of the upper teeth, in front of the lower teeth. This is the most common malocclusion.

Class two: the lower teeth sit a little further behind the upper teeth than is desirable. It can result due to the lower jaw not growing enough, or the upper teeth leaning too far forward or back.

Class three: the lower teeth and jaw appear to sit in front of the upper teeth.

There can also be a combination of many different types of malocclusion. What I believe is more important than focusing on these technical terms, is to firstly understand whether any occlusion is causing concern to your teeth, fillings, jaw joints and health. If there is concern, then lets discuss appropriate treatment that gets you functioning better, and keeping your teeth, fillings and jaw joints as 'ideal' as they can be, for the long term.

To learn more about Malocclusion, read our "Why Malocclusion Matters" blog post here.

A trusted and precise approach to bite correction.

You may have some idea of what you're looking for, or you may need more extensive guidance. My AIDE process ensures we craft a solution that is sympathetic to your finances, time and long-term goals.



We talk about what you would like to achieve, both now and in the future. I then share my philosophies and expertise. This is about ensuring we’re a good fit for a positive client-clinician relationship.



I carefully assess your dental health and ask a series of questions to analyse the implications on your overall health and wellbeing. This includes an intraoral soft tissue examination. I align what you want with what you need.



Together we design a tailored treatment plan. Irrespective of the scale of treatment or time frame, this step is crucial for long term success.



I meticulously implement our agreed plan to ensure you look, but more importantly feel, your absolute best.

If your dental health is holding you back, don’t waste any more time feeling self-conscious or limited. Let’s craft a solution that supports a more confident, energised and content future.

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Timeless and tailored transformations

Over the years I have worked with a diverse range of clients to achieve their aesthetic goals and improve their quality of life.

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A bit about me

Looking at me now you’d never guess that I initially pursued a career in finance. After completing a commerce degree at The University of New South Wales, I realised a life of spreadsheets just wasn’t for me. I wanted a career where I could use my hands. I wanted to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. I wanted to help people achieve a better quality of life. A career in reconstructive dentistry has allowed me to do all that, and so much more.

Since 2008, I have taken immense pride in designing progressive dental solutions tailored to my clients’ individual needs. My meticulously executed designs focus on elevating people’s confidence, self-expression and long term health.

I consider it a privilege to develop ongoing relationships with my clients and bear witness to their transformations over time. I’ve seen people go from awkwardly holding their hands over their mouths when they smile to counting down the days to a big social event. Watching someone’s self-worth flourish, and knowing I’ve played a role in it, is more rewarding than I could’ve ever imagined.

Never one to rest on my laurels, I am continuously investigating global innovations in reconstructive dentistry to ensure my services are minimally invasive while achieving maximum impact.

"Quality dental work is never by chance; it is always the product of profound understanding, careful planning, and precise execution."


Dr David Cipriani is a reconstructive and cosmetic dentist, but he much prefers the term ‘dental artisan’ because it encapsulates his enduring love for the art of dental design.

After initially completing a commerce degree, David found his true calling in dentistry. A dental qualification at The University of Sydney led to post-graduate studies with Kings College London where David affirmed his skillset in cosmetic and reconstructive care. As a progressive generalist dentist, David’s expertise has been sought by some of  Sydney’s most reputable clinics where he has partnered with clients to not only achieve their aesthetic goals but improve their quality of life.

David’s commitment to continually raising the bar in reconstructive dentistry has seen him travel the world in pursuit of the most progressive materials, processes and techniques. His technical acumen and creativity is coupled with a caring and empathetic manner which ensures his clients feel calm, heard and respected.

David is a proud member of the following industry associations:

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Positive change starts with a conversation.

If you think reconstructive or cosmetic dentistry will elevate your confidence and quality of life, let’s work together to develop your ideal solution.

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