Why smart dentistry is conservative

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Dr David Cipriani

Why conservative dentistry is smart dentistry 

Sometimes being conservative is the most progressive thing to do. 

When you hear the word conservative, you may think of a traditional, dated or unimaginative process. In dentistry, this is far from reality. In fact, being conservative means we are using smart processes and techniques to safely achieve your desired result and enable you to keep your options open down the track. 

I often tell my patients that, “Conservative dentistry is not about how much I can do for you, but rather how little I can do to achieve what you’re after.” It doesn’t mean you have to compromise your results. If you want a Hollywood smile, we’ll create it. We’ll just ensure you walk away with as much of your natural tooth structure intact. 

In the past, reconstructive dentists had no option but to cut away your enamel. For example, when placing a veneer on a front tooth, they needed to create enough space to ensure the veneer was thick enough not to break. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, including bonding techniques and alternative materials, we now require less space to apply tooth restorations and can retain a lot more enamel. Enamel is the preferred surface for aesthetic work because it allows things like porcelain veneers to stick resulting in dental work that lasts longer. In short, more enamel means better results now and better options later. 

The path to a smart smile 

Once we understand what you’re hoping to achieve, both now and in the future, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan. The plan focusses on achieving your desired results with the least possible amount of excavation, removal and drilling. It also addresses the causes of your dental issues rather than just the symptoms. 

A great example of this approach was the work we did for a young girl who had recovered from bulimia (photos below). Before coming to us, she had been told that the only way to address the effects of acid erosion was to add crowns to all of her teeth.

The patient’s goal was to restore and protect her teeth while erasing the signs of her illness. Crowns would have compromised the integrity of her existing tooth structure. Instead, we opted to protect her exposed teeth with resin restoration as part of a more comprehensive treatment plan. Not only did she achieve exactly what she was after, she was left with more options for future dental work which was of paramount importance given her young age. 

As technology continues to advance and the patient’s preferred look changes over time, we’ll have more avenues available to cater to her evolving needs. 

The benefits of conservative treatment

1. A more comfortable experience

We always aim to keep our patient’s as comfortable as possible, not to mention pain-free. It goes without saying that less excavation, removal and drilling means less discomfort during treatment as well as a shorter recovery time. 

2. Better options for the future 

Even the best reconstructive dental work won’t last forever. Maintaining as much of your natural tooth structure as possible means that you’ll have more options available when you return for a refresh or an image change in the future. 

3. A holistic approach for better dental health

Conservative dentistry and a preventative approach go hand in hand. Instead of just looking at the symptoms, we find innovative ways to address the cause of your dental concerns. As part of your smart dental treatment plan, you’ll also be empowered to integrate healthy dental habits into your daily routine.

A conservative approach does not equal a compromised result. Instead, it means you walk away with a great looking smile and as much natural tooth structure as possible. It really is the most progressive and smart path to achieving your dental goals. 

I take immense pride in supporting people to feel more confident in their day to day lives. If you’re looking for a reconstructive dentist who will help you feel calm, heard and respected, please book a consultation. You can also read more about my ethos and the results I achieve on my website

About the author 

Dr David Cipriani is a reconstructive and cosmetic dentist, but he much prefers the term ‘dental artisan’ because it encapsulates his enduring love for the art of dental design.

A dental qualification at The University of Sydney led to post-graduate studies with King’s College London where David affirmed his skillset in cosmetic and reconstructive care. 

As a progressive generalist dentist, David’s expertise has been sought by some of Sydney’s most reputable clinics where he has partnered with clients to not only achieve their aesthetic goals but improve their quality of life. 

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